Sunday 18 March 2018

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Pinterest trends for 2017 weddings

Home to creative inspiration for pretty much every type of celebration, Pinterest has become a go-to tool for budding brides, with its 2017 Wedding Report highlighting the most-popular trends – perfect for picking up ideas for your own big day.

Promising bundles of inspiration for every taste, brides-to-be are often no stranger to the emporium of ideas on the ever-popular image-collecting site, Pinterest.

With new trends emerging for everything from low-key casual celebrations to elaborate parties, discover plenty of ideas to help plan your own wedding according to the 2017 Pinterest Wedding Report.

Wedding food

Drip cakes

Out with the old and in with a more modern take on the traditional wedding cake, drip cakes are quickly replacing naked cakes with a huge 437 per cent rise in couples opting for a playful masterpiece adorned with anything from flowers to sweets.

Brunch weddings

It’s not only the wedding cake that is taking on a fresh new look, the wedding breakfast itself is quite literally turning into a morning feast with brunch weddings up by 35 per cent.

Personalised drink stations

Cutting costs with daytime dining, savvy couples are also taking a more DIY approach to the all-important boozy beverages, with personalised drink stations becoming all the rage. Guests can pimp their prosecco or create their own tasty tipples, with more than a 50 per cent rise in this alternative to a traditional wedding bar.

Wedding style

Off-the-shoulder dresses

While fishtail, trumpet and A-line styles are perennial favourites, off-the-shoulder dresses are rightfully earning their place among the most popular style of wedding gown, rising by a huge 158 per cent.

Wedding tattoos

Gone are the days of an all-white wedding and now edgy alternatives for ink-lovers have more than doubled in popularity, with wedding tattoos proving to be a permanent way to add sentiment to your big day.

Blue suits for grooms

Traditional morning suits are becoming a thing of the past with blue suits up by 90 per cent as grooms replace traditional black or navy attire for more playful, brighter alternatives.

Wedding beauty

Natural hair

Fussy wedding hairstyles are thankfully on their way out, with 30 per cent more brides embracing their natural tresses, low-key up dos and a focus on simple, classy hair styling.

Berry lips

The world of wedding make-up is also getting a shake-up with bold berry lips up by 71 per cent, taking over from classic red to become an ever-popular romantic make-up look.

Lip masks

Booming among brides, the new skincare trend, including lip masks, has seen a whopping 388 per cent rise, with brides taking extra care of their lips ahead of the first kiss as a married couple.

Wedding travel

New Zealand

Adventurers are putting New Zealand firmly on the list of honeymoon hot spots with its breathtaking views, mountainous hikes and striking landscapes. Seeing a rise of more than 125 per cent, couples are ditching a typical beach destination and heading for a honeymoon of exploring, hiking and active excursions.


It’s not just adventurous trips that are on the up, picture-perfect destinations like the Greek island of Santorini are also on the rise with a 70 per cent rise in newlyweds who are looking to soak up the beautiful views and relax in pure serenity.


So while might seem greedy to take not one, but two honeymoons, that is what many couples now do as the trend for minimoons has risen by 122 per cent. City breaks, spa weekends and UK getaways are popular choices for newlyweds craving a bit of post-wedding downtime.

Wedding décor

Greenery weddings

Fancy colour schemes and matching hues are on the out with a 300 per cent increase in brides ditching fussy colours for simple and effortlessly elegant greenery weddings.

Autumn weddings

With the most popular wedding season typically in the summer, autumn celebrations are also a hit with Pinterest brides. Up 280 per cent, it seems more brides-to-be are opting for an autumnal celebration with a host of orange and red colours to work with.

Dusty rose pink

Pale pink is certainly having its moment as the elegant shade has earned its way back into many bridal colour schemes, with a 255 per cent increase in brides pinning softer pastel shade rather than its brash hot pink counterpart.

By Sophie Bird

© SoGlosWeddings
Thursday 04 May 2017

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