Bridesmaid gift guide

Budding brides can find the perfect gift to present to their nearest and dearest girlfriends, with inspiration galore in SoGlosWeddings' dedicated gift guide.

From engraved jewellery and thoughtful keepsakes to lovely experiences, discover a range of bridesmaid gifts to suit all tastes, ages and budgets, thanks to SoGlosWeddings’ guide.

Material girl

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With endless inspiration across bridal magazines, the internet and social media, budding brides have plenty of lovely gift ideas to peruse. For an easy option that’s guaranteed to please, find a thoughtful present that they can cherish for the years to come.

One of the most popular gifts is certainly jewellery; with plenty of versatility in style and cost, there’s the option to buy matching items for the girls, or an individual piece if they have different tastes. What’s more, accessories can be worn on the wedding day, meaning they’ll conjure great memories long after.

Other gifts can be incorporated into the wedding day include luxury dressing gowns and slippers which everyone can wear whilst getting ready on the wedding morning; and a pair of special shoes which bridesmaids can wear as they walk down the aisle.

Presents such as candle holders, prints and cushions are just some of the lovely mementos that bridesmaids can display in their home, offering a gift idea that’s useful and a treat for the recipient.

Make a memory

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For those who prefer memories to material goods, buy them an experience gift so that you can share even more times together.

Arrange a day of pampering at one of the county’s most luxurious spas, which offers the chance for some R&R and a catch up, while booking up a rejuvenating treatment promises the ultimate experience for the lucky recipients.

If you’re looking for other beauty-themed gifts, a manicure is always a great way to feel sparkly and new; and booking in for a hair styling appointment is the perfect way to start a night out with the girls.

Always a delicious experience, afternoon tea with the girls is a great gift for groups of all sizes, and there's usually the chance to add an extra special sparkle by adding Champagne or cocktails. And for anyone who enjoys a tipple or two, bottomless brunch is the ideal gift.

Meanwhile, tickets to the theatre, a gig or comedy night are a great way to delight your bridesmaids with a performance that you can enjoy together.

Add some personality

There’s no better time to give a gift that’s personalised than when thanking your nearest and dearest girls. And when it comes to bespoke slogans, monogrammed presents and unique designs, the world – and internet – is your oyster.

Engraved jewellery gives a lasting gift that can be meaningful as well as beautiful; while personalised wine or Champagne glasses are perfect for toasting on the wedding day and keeping once it’s over.

Fun and useful gifts could include make-up bags with bridesmaids' names written on them; a quirky slogan t-shirt; or mug with a photo, name or sentiment written across it.

What’s more, there’s the chance to get creative with a print; typographic hangings can be designed in a specific shape or image that has special connotations, while quotes, films, and photos can be given new life thanks to an aesthetically pleasing print.

Make things sentimental

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Tug on bridesmaids’ heartstrings with a sentimental present – perfect for conjuring great memories and celebrating a special friendship or sisterhood.

A photo book or memory box is a gift that bridesmaids can keep and cherish, while flicking through nostalgic memories promises an experience that’s enjoyable and meaningful – although get the tissues ready!

Here’s one you made earlier…

For brides who want to go the whole hog, there’s always the option to get hands-on with some DIY, making a present from scratch that’s bursting with creative personality.

Whether it’s a personalised playlist, delicious baked goods, a lovely flower arrangement, or even a carefully-crafted candle, there’s plenty of options for making a present that can’t be purchased on the high street.

A post-wedding present

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While brides won’t be able to present bridesmaids with this on the wedding day itself, a gift that incorporates wedding photos promises to immortalise those special celebrations, and shine a light on the bridesmaid’s important role in the day.

From framing a particularly lovely picture or making a photo book, to creating a hanging montage of images or even printing a favourite snap onto a cushion, there’s plenty of thoughtful options – and there’s the added surprise factor when handing over the gift!

By Kathryn Purvis

© SoGlosWeddings
Friday 15 December 2017

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