How to plan a DIY wedding

From finding a flexible venue to staying inspired, SoGlosWeddings is lending a helping hand to couples planning a DIY wedding, with this round up full of tips and tricks for bringing your dream day to life.

Perfect for memorable celebrations that reflect your personality and tastes, DIY weddings allow budding brides and grooms to take the reins and create their own uniquely special day.

Covering everything from finding the perfect venue to staying organised, SoGlosWeddings’ feature on how to plan a DIY wedding is perfect for creative couples across the county and beyond.

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Find your blank canvas

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The most important thing when planning a DIY wedding is finding the perfect venue that allows you free rein to create the celebration of your dreams, from styling to the entertainment.

Whether you’re hoping for a rustic celebration, laidback do, or lavish marquee bash, find a venue that allows flexibility and caters to your requirements, to ensure that you’re able to dream up big ideas and decorate exactly as your wish.

Once you’ve found your perfect destination, visit a few times to garner inspiration and try out ideas to see how well decorations, props and colours work – offering the perfect way to veto and approve plans far in advance.

Think up a theme

A great starting point for planning is thinking up a theme for your big day, with endless amazing choices from seasonal autumn colours and rustic Cotswold celebrations, to fairy tale days and festive Christmas weddings.

Envisage the look you’d love for your special day, whether that be a Harry Potter-themed wedding, or a pretty pastel springtime celebration, and devise ways to incorporate the colours and special touches to bring the theme to life, in your invites, flowers, décor, favours, and so on.

Get inspired

While some budding brides and grooms may be bursting with wedding ideas they’ve been harbouring their whole lives, others might be overwhelmed and confused when it comes to planning their special day from scratch.

Once you’ve found your venue and settled on your wedding theme, it’s time to get inspired with ideas for styling, transport, gowns, suits, hair dos, and makeup looks.

The internet, and specifically visual social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram, is the perfect way to browse images galore, while online wedding websites, such as SoGlosWeddings, will also offer plenty of great ideas.

And if the expanse of the internet is too daunting, snap up some magazines or speak to married couples for advice and to get a vision of what you want.

Time to budget

Budgeting might not be the most enjoyable part of wedding planning, but it’s got to be done to prevent any monetary panics along the way.

Luckily, taking charge with a DIY wedding can be a great way to save and manage money. Making your own touches, such as decorations, wedding favours, flower arrangements, and stationery, can help you from going overboard and splurging the cash on unnecessary extras.

And if you’re in need of some handy tips and tricks for sticking to your budget, check out SoGlosWeddings' round up, that is sure to help you along the way!

Stay organised

Organisation is key if you’re planning a DIY wedding, whether that be making a 12 month plan, buying a wedding planner with sections for each element of your big day, or making a mammoth ‘to do’ list which you can tick off as you go.

Whether you like to work on a meticulous Excel document, make a calendar of tasks and meetings, or prefer to jot down your planning in a pretty notebook, stay ahead of the game and keep those stress levels to a minimum!

Practice makes perfect

Your idea of a DIY wedding might involve creating props and décor for your venue, doing your own hair and make-up, creating your own bouquets, making wedding favours, designing invitations, and even baking your own wedding cake – or all of the above!

As you’ll want everything to be as perfect as possible, it’s important to make time to practice in the run-up to your wedding to ensure you’re able to bring your visions to life, and of course avoid any meltdowns if the task is harder than you imagined.

There are endless YouTube tutorials and step-by-step guides online which offer a great way to garner inspiration and learn how to do it yourself. Then, all you need to do is practice until you’re confident.

Happy little helpers

If you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s time to find friends or family that you trust to help with the wedding planning. What’s more, you can easily make the wedmin into an enjoyable occasion – a craft night with some Prosecco, fun shopping trip, or pampering session as you try out make-up looks and hairstyles.

Plus, if you know someone who’s a professional or skilled in a certain area, such as a star baker, creative artist, or wannabe interior designer, don’t miss the chance to ask for their help in bringing your DIY wedding dreams into reality.

Make it personal

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Last but not least, a DIY wedding is the perfect opportunity to inject some personality into your special day. The world is your oyster, whether you want to adorn your venue with photos, make a bouquet out of the pages of your favourite book, create your own signature cocktail to serve, or have an homemade cake.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning to make your own wedding favours for guests, here are some creative ideas for wedding favours to inspire you!

By Kathryn Purvis

© SoGlosWeddings
Tuesday 02 January 2018

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