Sunday 18 March 2018

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Guide to wedding rings

Whether newlyweds want to mark their marriage with an engraved band, glittering diamond ring, or entirely unique design, SoGlosWeddings has compiled an essential guide to wedding rings, perfect for inspiration before hitting the jewellers.

While booking the perfect venue, planning entertainment, trying on gowns, and compiling the all-important guest list might be at the top of your wedmin to-do list, finding wedding rings which please both the wife and husband-to-be should also be a priority.

When the wedding and honeymoon are over, your wedding rings will be a sparkling reminder of the exciting life which lies ahead for you and your spouse – so it’s worth taking the time to find a design that you love!

With so many beautiful rings to be found amongst Gloucestershire's jewellers alone, it can be hard to decide which style suits you both as a couple. Luckily, SoGlosWeddings has compiled an essential guide to inspire couples before that all-important purchase.


First things first, you’re going to want to consider what material is most suitable for your wedding band, depending on your lifestyle, budget and personal preference.

Something you’ll be wearing for the rest of your life, it’s important to choose a metal that won’t tarnish over time, with platinum the perfect long-lasting surface. A good alternative is also palladium, an increasingly popular and a less expensive option.

Gold and silver remain traditional favourites, but often have to be strengthened with alloys like nickel which can cause skin allergies. Couples should check the content with a jeweller, with those who have allergies able to opt for hypoallergenic titanium or gold that’s been strengthened with silver – a little more expensive, but kinder on skin.


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As engagement rings usually feature a diamond or gemstone, the bride may require a shaped wedding ring in order to fit around it. With jewellers typically offering shaped bands in a variety of styles and colours, both plain and with diamonds or gemstones, discerning brides should be able to find a design that perfectly complements her engagement ring.

Alternatively, it’s possible to buy the wedding and engagement rings as a set, so you can be certain from the start that the two will sit comfortably together as the perfect pair.


Whether you’d prefer a plain and simple band, bold design, or quirky pattern, it’s important to consider your personal style as a couple and choose something which suits both of you, rather than bowing to tradition.

From minimalist classic gold, and vintage-style rings, to elaborate designs, there’s a style for every couple. And, as an item of jewellery you’re likely to wear for the rest of your lives, try to envisage yourself wearing the ring decades down the line, rather than reaching for the current fashion.


Beautiful and unique, gemstones offer a look that’s a little bit different from traditional diamonds. A delicate band of sapphires or emeralds will create a stunning contrast next to a diamond engagement ring, or alternatively add a splash of colour to a minimalist ensemble.

Budding brides should be mindful when choosing a gemstone not to pick a colour or design that clashes with her engagement ring. Make sure it’s a colour you love, and more importantly, one which can be worn with the rest of your wardrobe.


Whether you opt for a classic or contemporary cut, diamonds exude elegance and remain a timeless option for wedding jewellery. The vast variety of cuts allow for the wedding band to be as opulent or subtle as each individual bride desires.

If a bride’s engagement ring contains multiple diamonds, an elegant band of small stones will make the perfect complementary piece without detracting from the original ring. Alternatively, if the engagement ring features one large diamond solitaire, you might consider a band with more sizable diamonds to set it off beautifully.


Perfect for making wedding rings truly unique and meaningful, husbands and wives-to-be can consider engraving the band, using a jewellers’ bespoke engraving service.

Whether it’s a sweet word or phrase that’s personal to you as a couple, the date of your wedding day, or the name of your other half, the intimate message is something that will always be carried with you.

Matching or different

While it might be assumed that husbands and wives should wear wedding rings that match each other’s, whether that be the metal, stones, or the entire design, their tastes could be different, with the woman likely to want a ring which is more elaborate than her husband.

The most important thing is that both parties are happy with the design, and not whether they complement one another – and budding brides should understand if their other half doesn’t get as excited about the jewellery as them!

Something a little bit different…

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If metal and diamonds aren’t really your thing, there are plenty of beautiful alternatives. Ceramic rings are becoming increasingly popular, especially for grooms. They’re particularly strong and durable, and can withstand abrasions that often damage softer materials like gold and silver.

Or why not try a beautiful wooden ring instead? Unlike metal, wood won’t become tarnished or discoloured. Perfect for couples who prefer a rustic style, these unique bands can be polished and plain, or inlaid with gemstones for a truly enchanting effect.

Design it yourself

If you have a specific idea of the perfect ring which you just can’t find in the shops, there’s no need to panic, as there’s always the option to design something totally bespoke, and get it specially made.

Replicating a ring which has sentimental value, copying something you’ve seen on your favourite celebrity, or even creating a ring inspired by Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, create a wedding band that is perfect, just for you.


While it may not be ideal to bring budget into the equation, it’s something that can’t be ignored when buying wedding rings – especially when you’re splashing out for two, not to mention covering the costs of your wedding day!

Have an idea of how much you want to spend before you go hunting for the perfect design, as you don’t want to fall in love only to realise that the dream ring set is out of your price range. Whether you’re more near the hundred, or thousand pound price mark, there are plenty of rings in the sea.

To see SoGlosWeddings’ directory of local suppliers and find plenty of ideas, see Gloucestershire wedding jewellers.

By Anna Bailey

© SoGlosWeddings
Wednesday 19 April 2017

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