How to write an amazing wedding speech

After saying the all-important 'I dos', the wedding speeches help make for a truly memorable day; whether you're looking to have your guests roaring with laughter or touched by your sentiment, our handy guide lends a helping hand for writing something amazing...

With the big day looming, wedmin mounting and nerves building, SoGlosWeddings has got you covered when it comes to writing a cracking wedding speech.

Whether you want to be sweet and sentimental or cheeky and charismatic, we’ve put together the best tips for writing an amazing speech.

Preparation is key

Whether you’re the bride, groom, best man or bridesmaid, the best thing to do before you write any speech is plan ahead.

Grab a notepad and take some time to jot down all of the things you know about the couple, where you met, the funniest memories you’ve shared together and how you know each other.

Short and sweet

There may be thousands of things you could say about the bride or groom, or even both, but it’s best to keep your speech short and sweet to keep your audience engaged.

Setting yourself a realistic time limit will help you to keep the speech concise when you’re writing it… and also make sure you’re only mentioning the very best bits!

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A proper introduction

Unless you’re the bride or groom it’s always best to kick things off by letting everyone know who you are, and your relationship with the happy couple.

As well as setting the scene with a nice anecdote about how you met the bride or groom, an introduction can lead into the speech nicely, sharing your first memories of the happy couple.

Make them laugh

Planning out your speech is a great way to find the funniest stories you share with the newlyweds. Opening with a joke about how you met or your first impression of the couple is great way to kick things off.

Try to avoid stories that are really lengthy or have inside jokes, and instead opt for surprising facts about the bride or groom or witty anecdotes that the other guests can appreciate.

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Stick to the script

If you’re nervous about getting up to give a speech, then having a structure and script can help to keep things flowing.

Stick to a simple structure of an introduction, point one, point two, point three and a conclusion with a toast to end.

Avoid the awkward

Whilst it’s part of the role as a best man or even father of the bride to embarrass the bride or groom a little, consider your audience and make sure not to cross any boundaries…

Risqué jokes can raise some laughs – and can be expected, to an extent – but avoid making the guests cringe too much!

Show your sincerity

If you’re making a speech at a wedding, then you’re a pretty important part of the day. Show the loved-up couple how you really feel and tell them why they’re so perfectly suited…

A little emotion is welcomed on a wedding day, just have some tissues in your pocked if you’re expecting the happy couple to shed some tears!

Avoid boozy blunders

Whilst most of us like to enjoy a tipple or two at a wedding, there’s nothing worse than listening to a completely slurred or rambling speech.

Although it’s fine to have a couple for some Dutch courage, make sure you haven’t had too much to drink before your big moment – and then reward yourself once it’s all over!

Raise a toast

The perfect way to round off your speech, stick to tradition by raising a toast and congratulating the happy couple and sending them good wishes.

Tie everything up by looping back to your first point of the speech and handing over to the next speaker… and then relax! Your job is done.

By Sophie Bird

© SoGlosWeddings
Friday 16 March 2018

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