Wedding bouquet inspiration with Foxy Buds Floral Design

Dedicated to creating luxury floral designs that reflect each bride's personality, Foxy Buds' Caroline Bowater shares some inspirational advice about choosing the ultimate bridal accessory… your wedding bouquet!

Budding brides searching for gorgeous floral inspiration can find endless picture-perfect images across social media, wedding websites and magazines – which can be wonderful and overwhelming when searching for the perfect bouquet.

With the belief that a bridal bouquet should be one-of-a-kind and unique to each beautiful bride, Foxy Buds Floral Design shares its pearls of wisdom with SoGlosWeddings and our lovely readers.


Foxy Buds

Image © Mark Bothwell

Look at the shape of bouquets, pretty much any shape can be achieved. Many brides are opting for very relaxed designs and not the usual rounded shape. Horizontal designs are becoming more popular, as are asymmetrical bouquets. Something a little bit different is the way to go… be brave!


Foxy Buds

Image © Marie B; Latitude Photography

Think about the overall look and feel of your bouquet, would you like it to be neat and tidy, or wild and free?! The latter has been more popular recently but that certainly doesn’t mean you should follow the trend.

At Foxy Buds it’s all about creating designs that reflect personalities and we love being incredibly bespoke. Foliage tends to play a big part in our bouquets; there are so many gorgeous varieties that add texture and a feel of natural luxury to your wedding flowers.


Foxy Buds

Image © David McGirr

Colour is another aspect to consider. Do you want your bouquet to complement the overall colours of your wedding, or would you prefer it to make a statement and stand alone? The decision is yours but always remember to discuss this with your florist. She or he will ultimately want to create the perfect bridal bouquet for you. It has to be right no matter what!

Foxy Buds likes to use many tones, shades and tints of colours to help create that depth which adds to the feel of luxury… and here’s some colourful advice:

-A shade darkens a colour when black is added.
-A tone is a colour with grey added.
-A tint lightens a colour when white is added.
-A hue refers to the origin of a colour we see – basically one of the six primary and secondary colours.


Foxy Buds

Image © Laura Eperjesi

When working with your florist on your bouquet design consider the flowers that are in season. It’s so nice to use seasonal flowers, they are always far better quality than flowers that are out of season.


Foxy Buds

Image © David McGirr; James Green

Your wedding dress is also a factor to think about, we always ensure brides have a bouquet to suit their wedding dress. It might be that certain colours do not complement the dress or a petite bouquet is all that is needed to make sure that the detail of your dress can be seen. This is something that your florist will advise you on, it’s really important not to outshine that dress!


Foxy Buds

Image © Matt Lincoln

Your bridal bouquet is something that you will always remember, it needs to be right for you – no one else, just YOU! Whether that is a huge high impact bouquet, or a delicately discrete luxury bridal bouquet go with what you want and nothing less!

For more information and images from Foxy Buds, visit directly.

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Wednesday 07 February 2018

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