Saturday 21 July 2018

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Gloucestershire wedding entertainment polls & quizzes

From dream dresses to spectacular venues, discover your wedding style and cast your votes, in SoGlosWeddings' fun and interactive Gloucestershire entertainment polls and quizzes.

Quiz: What should you do in Gloucestershire this Valentine's Day?

Whether you’re thinking about an indulgent three-course meal, a romantic walk around the park, or a night on the sofa...

From a magician to a bouncy castle, what wedding entertainment should you have?

Quiz: What wedding entertainment should you have?

Bouncy castles, card tricks, live music and more, take SoGlosWeddings’ fun new quiz to discover what entertainment you...

How much would you normally spend on a wedding gift?

Poll: How much would you spend on a wedding gift?

Whether you’re giving cash, donating to the honeymoon, or picking out a present, how much would you normally spend on...

Slow sways or choreographed moves, find your first wedding song in SoGlosWedding’s personality quiz.

Quiz: What is your perfect wedding song?

Whether you’re planning a classic slow sway, a perfectly choreographed routine or will simply wing it on the day, make...


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