Wednesday 20 June 2018

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Poll: How much would you spend on a wedding gift?

Whether you're giving cash, donating to the honeymoon, or picking out a present, how much would you normally spend on a wedding gift?

How much would you spend on a wedding gift?

Whether you're buying kitchenware, home accessories or contributing to the honeymoon, tell SoGlosWeddings how much you would spend on a wedding gift in our readers' poll.

Nothing my presence is a present alone

I'd rather give something homemade and personal

Under £25 gifts don't have to be expensive to mean something

£25 to £50 enough to give a thoughtful token of my appreciation

£50 to £100 it's nice to treat the bride and groom on their big day

More than £100 - I love splashing out on a wedding

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Wednesday 08 June 2016

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